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Utility Presses

Sales of Pressing Equipment is by personal sale. Product details are available online, please contact us for pricing and further information.

All Pantex presses are designed for maximum production, minimum operator fatigue, a long lasting life and to the customers satisfaction high quality finishing.

Main features

Automatic and manual head steam (air operated models only)
Choice between standard press en press fit with hydraulic booster for heavy-duty use
‘Fabric Feel’ valve for easy pressure adjustment (air operated models only)
Vacuum on the entire buck
Textile head- and buck cover
Large press table
Contemporary design
Several buck sizes available: 41”-45”-47”-50”-52”

Pantex utility presses can be delivered in the following executions

Air operated
Hand-foot operated
Air operated, timer controlled
Self-contained, with built-in steamboiler and vacuum unit, on request with built-in air compressor
With highly polished chrome plated steam-heated head (the press can be used for laundry purposes!)
A large variety of options is possible (f.i. iron, iron restplate, two-step cylinder, height adjustment, lamp)

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