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Trouser Presses

Sales of Pressing Equipment is by personal sale. Product details are available online, please contact us for pricing and further information.

The Pantex single trouser leg press has a large variety of buck forms to suit your special needs. Several executions are possible, such as air operated, hand-foot operated, etc.

The most complete Pantex single trouser top presses are fit with three timers that provide flexible automatic steaming-, vacuum- and pressing cycles. Self-adjusting head and convenient table mounted fabric-feel pressure control assure correct and equal head pressure over the complete buck surface. Pantex timer controlled single trouser leg presses are fit with slow-opening.

DOUBLE TROUSER LEG PRESS - 507 special Sandwich double leg press for drycleaning
The two trouser legs are pressed in one operation and in the same operation a part of the top of the second trouser can be pressed. The Sandwich press has a manual intermediate plate and slow opening system of the head.

Automatic head steam and a fast pressure regulator are standard for most Pantex presses. The Pantex Sandwich double leg press is fit with PLC control with touch screen, which has many functions and ten programs. Standard with two hand push button operation for closing of press.

The Pantex air operated topper is a compact, general-purpose press. It can be used to finish small or difficult to reach areas. Touch-ups can be made quickly and easily. The head pressure is equalised over the entire buck surface to provide a beautiful finish.

Available in following executions
* Air operated
* Air operated-timer controlled
* Hand-foot operated

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