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Sales of Pressing Equipment is by personal sale. Product details are available online, please contact us for pricing and further information.

MOD 100 A With built-in 12 kW electric steam generator, with built-in 1 HP- 0,75 kW fan, with hand operated air exhaust valve.
Overcharge for 1,5 HP- 1.125 kW
MOD 100 V For connection to mains steam max 5 bar, steam consumption 20-25 Kg/h approx, with built-in 1HP- 0,75kW fan with hand operated air exhaust valve
Overcharge for 1,5 HP- 1.125 kW

Steaming operation provided by pneumatic valve , so above units must be connected to compressed air to operate .


Finishing device (standard model)
Finishing device cloth(bag)

Finishing device (new type with air stop valve)
Finishing device cloth (bag)
Stainless steel side plates for finishing device cloth
Support for finishing device
3 vertical clamps
1 curved clamp
1 pair sleeve stretchers wooden type
1 pair sleeve stretchers silicon type

Complete standard finishing device
Complete Plus type finishing device
Front paddle( only for standard finishing device)

Hand operated topper
Leg stretcher
Leg stretcher support
Twin portion version hand operated.

Hand operated topper
2 straight leg clamps
Single portion version, hand operated

Air operated topper
Leg stretcher
Leg stretcher support
Twin portion version air operated

Air operated exhaust valve overcharge
15 kW heating elements, overcharge
18 kW heating elements, overcharge
Twin set heating elements
Multiple device, 5 hangers
Side suppor for additional finishing device
Additional side holding frame for accessories

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